Meet Welmie and Jan

Meet Welmie and Jan. Two of Aloe Unique’s faces behind the brand. Their dedication is to creating high quality products that draw from home-grown natural elements. Their goal is to continue developing a movement that promotes a natural way of life. Speaking about the wonder plant that is Aloe Ferox, Welmie says, “The precious bitter sap is what separates it from other Aloe plants and we source the purest plant extracts that have not been exposed to any pesticides or chemicals.”

With more than 10 years’ experience as a qualified beauty therapist, she knows her stuff. And this family-run business is also focused on working with its community. Their team of local workers use sustainable and age-old methods to farm the indigenous plant so highly-regarded within the beauty industry. Their passion means that all aspects of the Aloe Unique brand is injected with innovation, whether it’s in the recyclable packaging, the natural ingredients or its collaboration with skincare technologists as far as Japan.

If you have any questions for Welmie or Jan, get in touch! They love hearing back from you.

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