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About Us


‘We believe in Creating  Sustainable, Long Term Skin Care Partnerships with our Customers’

Welmie Laubscher- Owner & Founder of Aloe Unique.

Aloe Unique is a Proudly South African and Women-Led Company, founded by Welmie Laubscher in 2014.

The foundation of Aloe Unique is built on: Quality, Service, Affordability, Passion, & Availability.

Innovation is our inspiration and exclusivity is one of the keys to our success. Our main goal is to create high-quality products drawn from our home-grown natural elements.

A Sustainable & Ethical Solution to Skin Care Needs:


We are inspired by the power of nature. Aloe Unique believes that nature has the answer to all our beauty needs. We recognise the healing, moisturising and regenerative potential inherent in nature. By harnessing these elements, we have developed a range of products with each ingredient scientifically selected for its unique healing qualities and their ability to penetrate the skin easily and deeply. Thereby, better ensuring that remedial and intended skincare results are maximized.

Our natural-based ingredients are all locally harvested, from sustainable South African farms. We do not test on animals and some of Aloe Unique products are Vegan registered. TheᅠIndigenous Aloe Ferox medicinal plantwe use in our formulations is extracted using ancient techniques, rather than chemical processes. This ensures that the Aloe Unique formulations remain non-toxic from growth until they reach our customers. Aloe Unique is kind to your skin and kind to nature.ᅠ

Commitment to Quality: Kind. Clean. Scientific. Sustainable.

We manufacture top-quality Aloe Ferox enriched products that work and offer a solution to all skin problems; therefore, we care about the ingredients that we put in our products. Our formulations are free from Parabens and controversial synthetics.

We are registered as upholding international standards. This ensures that the quality of our product range is of a world-class competitive standard. It also means that our products are export compliant.

We are committed to the protection of natural resources and reducing the negative impact on our planet. We use packaging that can be recycled or reused. It is important to us that we empower local communities.

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