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Why Move to a Richer Moisturiser as the Seasons Change?

Just as you change your clothes according to the season, your regular skincare routine needs to be adjusted seasonally. Most people are aware of needing additional SPF protection during the summer months. However, aside from it influencing SPF choices, seasons should also play a role in determining which moisturiser you use. This means that anyone who is 25 years and older, should have a great Age-Defying Day Cream in their facial care routine.


Why does Age-Defying Cream Work?

As we get older, our skin’s cellular ability to repair and regenerate declines. For example, its production of collegian decreases, and often the skin’s ability to lock in moisture diminishes. The purpose of an anti-aging cream is to reduce, address and better prevent signs of aging. Therefore, they are specifically formulated to combat the impact natural aging has on your face’s texture, tone, and elasticity. With the right ingredients, the results of a great Age-Defying Cream can be very satisfying.


Moisturising for Seasons

Temperature, humidity, and sun (UV) exposure all change seasonally. This means that the impact of the environment varies as to how it affects your skin. Therefore, necessitating your skincare routine to be tweaked as the seasons rotate.


Spring and Summer Skin Care

During warmer months our skin tends to need lighter moisturisers, especially during the daytime. This helps to prevent pores from getting clogged up, our faces from becoming unnecessarily oily, and breakouts. However, you don’t want to skip out on continuing to address the natural signs of aging.

Thus, continuing to augment your skincare routine with an age-defying serum is advisable. Especially, when switching to a lighter lotion. Additionally helpful is to choose lighter moisturisers that have ingredients such as Aloe Ferox in them. This way you can help keep an everyday facial lotion light and have an effective age-combater. Anti-aging & soothing clay masks are particularly ideal during summer. They help to accelerate skin repair, after higher UV exposure during sunnier weather, as well as reduce redness and irritations.

Autumn and Winter Skin Care

Think of the cooler months as a time to step up the intensity of your skincare routine. It’s the ideal time to work on deeper skin layers and to soothe away the impact of summer. This is when you can really benefit from using targeted treatments, such as a richer moisturiser and additional ampoule treatments.

Anti-aging facial creams are formulated to deeply penetrate skin layers. They feel thicker and heavier than moisturisers created for younger skins, but don’t leave your skin oily or feeling smothered. Instead, your skin feels much plumper, better retains hydration and the appearance of finer lines is decreased. Using an age-defying day and night cream, then combining these with an age-defying eye and lip cream can further maximise your intended results.


How to Choose the Right Anti-Aging Cream

There are many good products on the market. Determining which are best can be tricky. Therefore, having a basic guideline, while considering your options, will make the choice easier. Here are three factors that you should take into account.

3 Steps Towards Finding a Great Age-Defying Cream

  1. Look for active ingredients which are known to target the signs of aging. For example Aloe Ferox, Squalane oil, and Retinol (vitamin A).
  2. Opt for a brand that invests in research and development which has then been used to develop targeted anti-aging treatments.
  3. Get samples of their products to see what you particularly like and which combinations best suit your skin’s needs.

Changing seasons help signal to us what our skin really needs. They also give you a chance to augment your usual routine and tackle specific aging challenges that have crept in. With the right Age-Defying facial moisturisers, further amplified with targeted treatments, it is possible to decrease the signs of aging. Which then allows you to enjoy a healthier and younger-looking skin all year round.




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