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How to maximise the benefits of Ampoules 


What are Ampoules?

Facial skin ampoules are capsules that contain amplified serums, each of which is designed with a specific focus. Many ampoule treatments are intended to combat the effects of ageing. For example wrinkles, tone, texture, or hyperpigmentation. Due to their supercharged serum, using ampoules can also help to protect your skin against pollution. Additionally, they can provide an immediate boost with quick results if your facial skin is looking a little lacklustre or is dry.


Why do Ampoules Work?

Ampoules contain highly concentrated amounts of active ingredients. Their individual use packaging delivers a measured dosage. This dosage is scientifically customised to maximise the impact of each application. The result is that ampoule capsules are more potent than regular serums and able to be better focused on specific anti-ageing concerns.

Ampoules are an easy and convenient way to boost the effectiveness of your regular skincare routine. Essentially, they enable you to customize your daily routine to address your individual needs via a more targeted approach.


How to choose a good Ampoule

There are many ampoule products available across the market. However, not all are equal. Therefore, there are two primary considerations you should make while looking for an ampoule-based treatment to best address your needs.

The first relates to the skincare company that makes them. Skincare companies that invest in research and development across their brand, are most likely to have an effective and safe product. Their established product range also enables you to have an all-round daily skincare regime that will compliment your ampoule capsules.

Secondly, you have to decide on what specific concerns you wish to address. You can choose to address one concern at a time and rotate what you focus on. Alternatively, you could choose to use multiple ampoules and apply them in layers one after the other.

The Aloe Unique range of research-based ampoules, offer targeted treatments to combat the varied effects of ageing.


Aloe Unique offers a Range of 5 Different Ampoule Capsules:

  1. Renew: Uses retinol to improve your skin’s appearance by gently exfoliating, improving tone, and reducing fine lines.
  2. Lift: Reduces wrinkle volume, depth, and length. Also significantly decreases skin roughness.
  3. Eye: Decreases the appearance of dark circles and minimises wrinkles as well as puffiness.
  4. Brighten: Diminishes pigmentation and evens skin tone. Helps to protect against further photodamage and pollutants, while reducing existing hyperpigmentation.
  5. Firm: Tightens, lifts, and restructures facial skin by regenerating collagen and elastin.


How do you use them?

An ampoule capsule is single use and contains 0.3g of serum, which is light and easy to spread across your face. To maximise results, they should be incorporated into both your morning and evening skincare routine. If you use more than one type of ampoule at a time, apply one in the morning and the other at night. As our Renew ampoule contains retinol it should be used at night. Eye ampoules can be used in conjunction with other ampoules and therefore, if desired, can be applied twice a day.

Always cleanse your face before you use an ampoule treatment. After applying, continue with your daily moisturising routine. You can still use your regular serums before applying an ampoule capsule.


3 Steps to using Ampoules:

  1. Twist to remove the cap.
  2. Squeeze the serum from the capsule.
  3. Apply using upward circular motions.

The Aloe Unique capsules are biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly. We believe in sustainable practices. Therefore, provide you with a skincare range that is researched to maximise its effectiveness, while containing ingredients that are responsibly sourced.


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