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Silicone Face Mask Brush

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A sleek, expertly crafted brush composed of synthetic fibres to evenly apply foundation and masks.



To clean: Lather with gentle shampoo and gently massage in a soft circular motion to remove residual product. Rinse and lay flat to dry. Always keep water out of the ferrule and allow airflow to circulate throughout while drying.


Silicone brush.

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Apply an even layer of our assorted clay masks, such as our Anti-Ageing & Soothing Clay Mask, over your face with the Face Mask Brush. Silicone brushes hold the product without soaking it, make it easy to apply the mask evenly on the skin, are easy to clean, and are gentle on every skin type



1 review for Silicone Face Mask Brush

  1. Lindsay Campbell

    Easy to use.

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