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How do you identify the right moisturiser for your skin type?

Essential Day Cream

When there’s a change of season, many people switch their moisturiser because a rich moisturiser can feel too greasy in Spring and Summer. Our best-selling moisturiser in September is the Essential Day Cream. Let’s find out why!

  1. Feels light – quickly absorbed with no oily or greasy residue
  2. Soothing – key ingredient allantoin protects ALL SKIN, even sensitive skin
  3. Lasting Feel – skin feels moisturised throughout the day

Feel happy in YOUR skin.


How do you identify the right moisturiser for your skin type?


Be mindful of these factors when you choose a moisturiser:

  1. Your skin type?
  2. What’s the season and humidity?
  3. Your age?

We offer 3 different daily Moisturisers:

  1. Everyday Facial Lotion – All Skin Types
  2. Essential Day Cream – Normal to Combination Skin
  3. Age-Defying Day Cream – Dry/Dehydrated & Mature Skin

We want you to find YOUR perfect daily Moisturiser. Understanding the difference between the 3 moisturisers will help you to choose the best one suitable for your skin.


 What’s the difference between our day creams?


 Everyday Facial Lotion – Extra-Light

 The lightest of our day creams, it penetrates quickly with no oily sheen

  1. Useful for normal / combination and sensitive.
  2. Contains avocado oil, which is non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t clog the pores.
  3. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

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Essential Day Cream – Absorbs Quickly

  1. A light cream that’s great to use before applying a BB cream or foundation
  2. Absorbs deeply with no oily residue
  3. Perfect for normal / combination / sensitive skin + Great to use in summer months
  4. Skin stimulating peptides help combat aging and pigmentation
  5. Contains Aloin, an effective protectant for all skin types even sensitive skin. Stimulant for deep healing

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Age Defying Day Cream – Firming Facial Moisturiser

  1. A rich cream that softens skin and increases moisture levels
  2. Perfect for very dry/dehydrated and mature skin
  3. Perfect moisturiser for winter months when your skin needs that extra bit of moisture
  4. Ideal for age 25 – 30 onwards
  5. High levels of Aloe Ferox, vitamins C and E to boost collagen production – resulting in skin firmness

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Still not sure which cream is best for you?

Feel free to get in touch with us, we would gladly assist you to ensure you choose the correct moisturiser that will suite your skin type. we would love to help!

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