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The 5 most common skincare mistakes

Our skin is our biggest organ in our body – and the only visible one! And, apart from the fact that it plays an important role as a barrier to protect your inside from pathogens, it also tells its own story of who you are: whether you and outdoorsy person, a smoker, healthy or sickly, and it reveals the one thing we’re all trying to keep a secret: our age. That’s why we spend so much on cosmetics! However, if you don’t get the basics of skincare right, it may be pointless to invest in expensive beauty products.

Here are a few skincare mistakes people make:



Every person’s skin is unique. Skin classification (or what type of skin you have) depends on the oiliness of your skin, sensitivity levels and hydration. The 5 main classifications are:

  1. Normal skin – not too oily, not too dry, with regular texture that does not need much intervention.
  2. Sensitive skin – delicate and fragile, more prone to irritations and needs more care.
  3. Oily skin – greasy appearance, with a slight sheen and sometimes prone to breakouts.
  4. Combination skin – a combination of oily and dry, with the t-zone of forehead, nose and chin more oily than cheeks.
  5. Sensitive skin – prone to redness and irritation, with loss of elasticity.
    If you’re not sure what your skin type is, there are many online skincare quizzes that may help, or for a definitive answer it’s good to go to a dermatologist


It’s a fact: you can actually sleep your skin younger. That’s why they call it beauty sleep! The reason why we sleep is that our body needs time to repair itself, and it’s the same for our skin.

Research has shown that skin makes collagen when we sleep and that only getting 5 hours a sleep can lead to twice as many fine lines as 7 hours of sleep. And the reason why you wake up with a healthy glow after enough sleep, is that your body boosts blood flow to your skin while you sleep. A good reason to turn in early.


You may think that in the interest of getting enough sleep (as mentioned above) that you can skip your skin-cleansing routine. That’s a big no-no. Going to bed without cleaning your face can cause premature aging. Dirt and environmental pollutants can be trapped inside your skin and can interfere with the natural process of your skin, causing a drier, dull-looking complexion.


By now we all know that water is important to flush out toxins from our bodies, and to aid circulation, digestion and absorption. And if you look at all these functions, it’s clear why hydration is so important to keep your biggest organ looking good and functioning well.

Drinking enough water helps improve the overall tone of your skin, helps prevents premature aging by heightening elasticity, helps reduce puffiness and maintains your pH balance.

So fill up that water bottle and get your glow on!


Maybe you think it’s good enough simply to apply moisturiser to your face twice a day. But alas, your skin is far more complex than that. If it has not been cleaned properly, the moisturiser you apply won’t be absorbed into your skin – no matter how generously you slap it on.

A simple 3-step skincare routine does not have to take hours – with practice and routine it will come as easy and naturally as brushing your teeth.


Cleaning your face will get rid of all the dirt and oils that have collected on your skin throughout the day. It’s important to select the right cleaner for your face that does not leave it dry and irritated – that’s why it’s vital to know your skin type.

After cleansing, apply a toner. A good toner can help close pores, tighten the skin and remove extra oil and dirt. It leaves your skin smooth and refreshed, ready for your moisturiser.

A good moisturiser can help the skin maintain its barrier against pathogens, and keeps it hydrated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make it look younger, smoother and healthier.

Of course, you can add to this basic routine with exfoliating products, serums and eye creams, but get the basics right, and you’ll soon see the difference!



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