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The Advantages of Aloe Ferox

Aloes have a long history of being used throughout Africa in skin and health care. South African San and Khoi rock art records the use of Aloes in everyday life as do Egyptian hieroglyphics. When paired with phytochemistry and the latest in skin care advances, Aloe extracts can provide remarkable skin care benefits. Not all Aloe extracts are the same, for example, Aloe Ferox in particular yields higher benefits than Aloe Vera.

What is Aloe Ferox?

The Aloe Ferox contained in Aloe Unique products comes from Aloes indigenous to South Africa, commonly known as the Cape Aloe. It grows into a majestic single stem tall evergreen that has thick fleshy leaves and yellow or red flowers. Aloe Ferox is the bitter sap containing Aloin which is extracted from just under the inner leaf of the Aloe Plant. In contrast, Aloe Vera is extracted throughout the leaf and the essential aloin as well as amino acids are therefore less concentrated than in Aloe Ferox extracts.

Why is Aloe Ferox Better than Aloe Vera?

The key skin care benefiting Aloe extracts are Amino Acids and Aloin. Aloe Ferox is 20 times higher in bitter sap containing Aloin and has twice the number of amino acids than Aloe Vera does. Thus, the ability to stimulate regeneration of cells necessary for healing and repairing skin tissue, is greatly enhanced when Aloe Ferox extracts are used in skin care products.

How does Aloe Ferox work?

Aloe Ferox is known as a hero ingredient in skin care because of its high concentration of essential elements. Due to its inherent properties, it is able to work simultaneously on different skin layers while delivering faster results.

5 Advantages of Aloe Ferox

1. It has a dilatory effect on capillaries and veins. This enables an increased number of nutrients to be transported, which results in faster and better rejuvenation and regeneration of skin tissue

2. It contains high concentrations of Aloin which increases the growth rate of cells thereby making healing processes faster.

3. It stimulates normal lymphocytes and possesses enzymes which cause the growth of new cells.

4. It penetrates through the Stratum Corneum to the vascular dermal area, thereby better hydrating the skin.

5. It forms a seal within skin layers that helps to prevent moisture loss while maximizing skin hydration

Why Do You Want to Use Aloe Ferox on Your Skin?

There are many positive results of using Aloe Ferox on your skin. Some, such as plumping out of skin and decreasing visible wrinkles, can be noticed quickly. While other impacts, like the countering of UV (daily sun) damage, become more obvious overtime.

Aloe Ferox Skin Benefits Include:

* Increasing your skin’s natural elasticity.

* Decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

* Maximizing the hydration levels of your skin while locking moisture in.

* Decreasing skin sensitivity

* Soothing irritations.

* Reducing inflammation and redness.

* Refining skin texture and tone.

* Alleviating excessive dryness and oiliness. 

The Advantages of the Aloe Unique Aloe Ferox Skin Care Range

* True Free-Range Farming:
Aloe leaves are grown wild without the use of chemicals and pesticides then harvested by hand.

*  Natural Extraction Techniques:
The Aloe Leaves are placed in a circle stack around a hollow in the ground. The juice drips down and is collected from the hollow. After collection it is boiled and cooled so that it can crystalize. After which it is crushed to produce the bitter crystals.

* Sustainable Outlook:
The Aloe Unique range of skincare products are from locally-grown natural ingredients and packaged using recyclable materials.

* Job Creation:
Aloe Ferox grows wild and is harvested using ancient methods. This provides sustainable jobs for the local community.

* Expertise and Experience Based:
Aloe Unique is headed up by Welmie and Jan Laubscher. Welmie is a beauty therapist and skin care expert. And Jan, together with his family, has over 20 years’ experience within the South African Aloe Farming industry.

* Evolving Innovation:
Welmie and Jan Laubscher are passionate about injecting innovation into their brand. As a result, Aloe Unique collaborates with international skincare technologists, ensuring they incorporate the latest in skincare research and expertise.


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