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Clarifying Facial Toner

PRICE: R139.00

Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner revitalises skin. Using a combination of Aloe Ferox and Witch Hazel, it helps to soothe irritations and inflammation as it penetrates the skin to heal at the deepest levels. Packed with aloin, antioxidants, and vitamins, Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner assists in boosting skin health and combating visible signs of aging.

Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner is a revitalising spray, formulated to be used twice a day after cleansing. It helps combat the visible signs of aging by increasing skin hydration and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier to keep moisture locked in. Enhanced with Witch Hazel, Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner can assist you to minimise skin inflammation, soothe redness and restore the PH balance of your skin. It also supports accelerating the clearing up of breakouts as well as soothes acneic skin. Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner helps to prevent free radical damage from oxidizing air pollution and skin radicals. Thereby assisting your skin to look and feel younger, while it is being protected. Fortified with vitamin complex, vitamins A, B, C & E, Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner can aid with ensuring that skin health is boosted and maintained. Its Aloe Ferox leaf extracts penetrate to the deepest skin layers, while they increase the regeneration of new skin cells. Thus, allowing your skin to repair and heal as skin tone is boosted. Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner contains wild, free range plant extracts which result in chemical and pesticide free ingredients. It is formulated through phytochemistry and contains no parabens enabling it to be used across all skin types.

This product pairs well with the Age Defying Serum.


Why use a Face Toner?

Is Face Toner Necessary?

Skin toners are great at removing leftover impurities and dirt from pores that weren’t removed during regular face washing. They assist with targeting specific skin challenges and are ideal at helping to revitalise your skin complexion. A good face toner can also assist in barrier repair and reduction of redness.

Historically, toners usually had alcohol in and were used to counterbalance the pH of cleansing products. Due to the evolution of cleanses, this is mostly unnecessary. Instead, they are largely water-based and vary in purpose. For example, clarifying skin toners prepare the face for moisturising by removing grime and assisting with cellular repair. Some, like the Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner, can also be used throughout the day as a hydrating spray.


Why Face Toner is Important

A good face toner will remove residual grim that remains after a regular cleansing routine. Toners can be used to prime your face ahead of using a face mask. In addition to removing remaining grime, face toners also can help to visibly reduce pore size. This means that bigger pores, over time, will be able to collect less dirt. Thus, breakouts should diminish and when they do, they usually are quicker to clear up. It’s a good idea to check the ingredients list. Even though many toners don’t include alcohol, those that do are harsher on the skin. They also will tend towards drying your skin out.

Which Face Toner is the best?

The purpose of a toner is determined by its ingredients. The ingredients also determine who is able to use them. The more natural and gentler the ingredients, the better suited a product is for use on a wide range of skin types including sensitive skins.

Alcohol-free witch hazel-based face toners are usually able to be used by those with sensitive skins. Overall, they can assist with itching, pain and swelling, without drying out delicate areas such as those around your eyes. Those face tones such as the Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner contain witch hazel. Witch Hazel assists with soothing irritated skin, reducing pore sizes, and accelerating the clearing of acne flare-ups.

Furthermore, face toners that contain Aloe Ferox extracts better assist with locking in moisture and maximising hydration. This gives skin a natural boost in looking and feeling younger while stimulating faster skin repair and healing.

How to apply Face Toner

1. Wash your face as per your daily routine.
2. Dry your face ahead of using your toner.
3. Apply the toner to a cotton or reusable pad.
4. Gently swipe pad across your face, neck, and chest areas.

Alternatively, you can also put some toner into the palm of your hands then press them into and across your face.

After toning, use your usual day and night moisturisers and serums. Toner can be used twice a day. However, because skin varies, some people find that it is better for them to gauge their skin needs and use toner accordingly.

Aloe Unique products have natural ingredients in them and do not contain parabens, chemicals, or traces of pesticides. This enables them to also be used on sensitive skins. Therefore, a hydrating toner, like the Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner, is unlikely to burn or sting when you apply it. Instead, it has been specifically designed to soothe, regenerate and illuminate your face.


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