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Keeping our face clean

PRICE: R155.00

Gentle Facial Wash


Aloe Unique Gentle Face Wash is a gentle foaming face wash that is suitable for use on all skin types. It uses Aloe Ferox extracts, Vitamin E and Hydrating Glycerine to remove free radicals, maximise moisturisation, and rejuvenates skin. It’s formulated to clean and clarify without depleting your skin’s natural protective oils.

This mild, clarifying foaming wash removes pollutants, makeup, and excess sebum without over-drying or depleting the skin’s protective oils. Suitable for all skin types, ideal for oily and combination skin.


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Lets Chat About Keeping Our Face Clean

There comes a stage in all our lives where our skin becomes a big priority for us – and rightfully so! As humans, we thrive off routine, and having a good skin care regimen is good for your mind, body and your skin. However, it can become overwhelming when deciding which products are best for your skin and whether you’re using the correct techniques and order when applying certain skincare products. Taking just washing your face, for example, there are so many opinions, like how often you should be washing your face, whether using a gentle facial wash is important and which ingredients to avoid. Luckily for you, we have the answers:


How often you should wash your face 

According to experts, you only really need to wash your face properly once a day, and if needed twice but generally, do a quick wash in the mornings and then a deep cleanse in the evenings to wipe away all the grime of the day works best. Try not to wash your face thoroughly more than this as it can lead to dryness or breakouts due to the loss of your skin’s natural oils – listen to your skin, you know it best!


Benefits of using a gentle facial wash 

Similarly, in the instance of over-washing, many people tend to be guilty of using products with many ingredients that could strip the natural oils and fats from your skin and leave it as a host to multiple skincare issues. To achieve supple and well-moisturised skin, it’s always best to reach for a gentle facial wash and cleanser. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of doing so.


1. Say goodbye to irritation

Want to avoid having red or flaky skin? Then throw away any facial washes with harsh ingredients. Remember cleansing your face should leave your skin feeling refreshed and supple, never dry, rough, tight, red or painfully sensitized.


2. Your skin won’t be dehydrated

A harsh facial wash can remove all the moisture from your skin and bring out dreaded flakiness due to dehydration. The trick is to check the ingredients of your wash and avoid anything that contains parabens and alcohol.


3. Say hello to soft skin

Using a gentle facial wash allows your skin’s protective barrier to thrive while staying clean and allows for your skin’s natural softness to take over. A win/win!


Do you need a toner after cleansing your skin 

First off, what is toner you may be wondering? Toners are water-based skincare liquids that are applied to your skin after cleansing and before you apply your serum or moisturiser. Toners can help give your skin an extra clean look and feel, as well as provide some extra ingredients with your skin will love. While toners are not a NEED, they are a great addition to your skincare routine. Our Aloe Unique Clarifying Toner refreshes, energizes, tones, and soothes reactive skin problems. The Aloe-Forex-based formula with potent purifier Witch Hazel and anti-irritant Allantoin hydrates helps relieve redness and blemishes and shrinks the appearance of pores!


SLESS – why do we avoid it and so should you

Did you know that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLESS) are sulfates produced from petroleum and other plant sources like coconut and palm oil and are found in most shampoos and skincare products available on the market? The reason why these chemicals are so popular is that they’re cheap and give off a foamy texture that we have been accustomed to linking to cleanliness. However, these ingredients come at a cost and need to be avoided. SLESS especially can cause irritation, redness, and damage to your skin barrier. Not only that but the foaminess we mentioned earlier? Well, that can create micro-tears in your skin barrier and allow bacteria and dirt in, which can cause acne on your face and a host of other issues too


Ingredients your skin will love 

If sulfates are to be avoided, then you may be wondering which ingredients you should be leaning towards. Our Aloe Unique Gentle Facial Wash uses Aloe Forex extracts, Vitamin E and Hydrating Glycerine to remove free radicals, maximize moisturisation and rejuvenate your skin! This gentle facial wash is specially formulated to clean and clarify without depleting your skin’s natural protective oils.

To ensure that our skincare is best for you, and the environment, all our products are paraben free, cruelty-free and our packaging is easily recyclable!

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