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What are the Benefits of Bitter Aloe Gel?


Bitter Aloe Gel is a versatile gel with a long history of being used for both medical and beauty-based purposes. Because of this, many people regard Bitter Aloe Gel as a basic essential in their bathroom cabinet. Aloe Ferox, used in Aloe Unique’s Bitter Aloe Gel, is the bitter sap that’s found just under the inner leaf of the South African indigenous Cape Aloe.


5 Bitter Aloe Gel Uses:

  1. Anti-inflammatory, thereby relieving skin irritations and flare ups.
  2. Anti-microbial.
  3. Anti-fungal.
  4. Stimulates faster and better skin healing, regeneration, and repair, e.g.: sunburns
  5. Rehydrates skin and keeps skin hydrated by locking moisture in


Aloe Ferox Bitter Gel vs Aloe Vera Gels

Due to its high concentration of essential elements, Aloe Ferox is known as a hero ingredient. It has 20 times more bitter sap than Aloe Vera. Bitter sap contains Aloin, which specifically stimulates faster and better skin repair and healing. Aloe Ferox also contains twice the number of amino acids that Aloe Vera has. This makes it doubly effective as an anti-aging, rehydration and skin improving ingredient. Thus, due to its inherent properties, Aloe Ferox products can deliver faster results than those that are Aloe Vera based.

Unlike Aloe Vera, Aloe Ferox has the added advantage of not needing to be filtered after extraction. This means that it retains all its naturally present active plant chemicals. Thereby, better ensuring that the Aloe Ferox’s intrinsic healing properties are continually maintained. And that all the advantages of free-range locally based farming, such as no pesticides nor artificial fertilisers, are kept.


The Benefits of Aloe Unique’s Bitter Aloe Gel

Aloe Unique combines natural ingredients with the intent of augmenting their impact within the Aloe Unique skin care product range. Specifically, to stimulate faster skin repair and healing.

Aloe Unique Bitter Aloe Gel contains both Aloe Ferox and Honeybush. Both these hero ingredients have multiple skin benefits. This enables Aloe Unique’s Bitter Aloe Gel to be multi-purpose and able to be used on all skin types.


3 Advantages of Honeybush Extract
  1. Reduces irritations, such as allergies and scaliness.
  2. Improves skin health as it is both an antioxidant and antimicrobial.
  3. Helps fight the effects of aging like wrinkles, dehydration, and decreased elasticity.

3 Rewards of Aloe Ferox Extract
  1. High in Amino Acids and Aloin (needed for rejuvenating, healing, and repair).
  2. Increases the regeneration of new skin cells and improves cellular structure.
  3. Soothes skin irritations, texture, and tone.


A Quick Way to Boost Your Skin Care Routine

If you’re looking to augment your evening’s skin care routine, then use the Aloe Unique Bitter Aloe Gel. After cleansing and patting dry, use it as a mask. Apply it evenly across your face and wait 10-15 minutes. Then rinse your Bitter Aloe Gel mask off and apply your Toner and moisturiser.

Aloe Unique Bitter Aloe Gel can be applied to assist with skin blemishes like acne. This will help them to clear up faster. It is also a product that is well suited for use on oily skins.

All Aloe Unique products are free from parabens, chemicals and pesticides. They are formulated from plants through Phytochemistry. Such that the inherent properties of our natural ingredients are conserved, harnessed, and maximised. This also enables them to be used on sensitive and oily skin types.



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