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Why Use an Eye Cream?

Why Use an Eye Cream?

Eye cream is better at protecting and moisturising the skin around your eyes than your regular face creams are. This is because it is specially formulated for the skin around your eyes. Which is thinner and generally more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your face and neck. The skin around your eyes also tends to age quicker, thereby leading to fine lines and crow’s-feet wrinkles. Aside from being sensitive to the environment, the skin around your eyes can seem puffy if you get stressed. Or alternatively, you can develop dark circles around your eyes when you’re tired or allergic to something. Therefore, a specialised eye cream is a necessary part of your skin care routine.


How Does Eye Cream Work?

Eye creams, like Aloe Unique Age Defying Eye & Lip Cream, are specifically formulated with Hero Ingredients. Thus, the Aloe Unique Eye and Lip cream contains Fruit acid, Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), Squalane, Aloe Ferox and Avocado Oil. Which means this eye cream rehydrates and locks in moisture, reduces fine lines and stimulates skin repair. Which reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags as well as puffiness around your eyes. It can also assist with the symptoms of skin irritations, for example, inflammation and eczema.


When to Use Eye Cream

It is never too early to adopt a good skin care routine which includes using eye cream. By the time you are in your 30s, it’s advisable to be using eye cream daily. Just as you moisturise your face, eye cream should be used twice a day. Applying it in the morning can have the added advantage of reducing the appearance of the signs of tiredness.


3 Steps to Applying Eye Cream

  1. Eye cream should be applied before moisturiser and sunscreen.
  2. Gently pat it on in a 360-degree circle around each eye.
  3. Apply it above your eye but not on your eyelids or eyelashes.

While you don’t need to keep eye cream in the fridge, the coolness can assist with decreasing puffiness faster. Some people also like the cooler sensation around their eyes as they find it soothing. Others choose to keep their eye cream with the rest of their skin care products.


Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are great at reducing puffiness and can assist in decreasing dark circles. This is because some of the benefits of using one are relieving tension, smoothing inflammation, stimulating collagen and tightening pores. A jade roller can also help your skin better absorb eye cream. The smaller stone of a jade roller should be used in the eye area. Apply your eye cream and then gently roll the stone outwards starting from the inner corner of your eye.


Eye and Lip Cream

The skin of your lips and around the eyes are both sensitive and more delicate skin types. Therefore, the Aloe Unique Age Defying Eye & Lip Cream has been designed to be used on both. Using Phytochemistry, it’s scientifically formulated to maximise hydration and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving you with a more youthful appearance and softer feeling skin.



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